About Us
Science and Technology Center of Excellence is the main research center for military production aims to: Fulfills the needs of the armed forces for technical research. Developing engineering products for the factories and companies of the National Organization for Military Production to achieve better competitive and market value. Encouraging and developing the societal capacity to innovate and transform their creative ideas into an added value. Cooperating with research centers in universities, ministries and organizations to expand the knowledge base in the latest technologies and skills. Providing consultations and technical and economic feasibility studies for projects related to the center's fields of activity.

Our Vision

To be a distinguished research center in the field of applied research and a national consultative and house of expertise that has leadership locally, regionally and internationally to fulfill the needs of the armed forces, military production companies and civilian sectors in the country, in a way that supports the knowledge-based economy.

Our Mission:

. Developing research capabilities and supporting innovation. . Marketing and localization of modern technologies, providing consulting services, and preparing feasibility studies. . Cooperating with universities, companies and research centers in ministries, and local and international organizations.
What We Do?
production of nano powder materials in lab scale by simple methods Thermal analysis A collection of techniques that measure the property of a material as a function of temperature

Analysis and Development of FPGAs & SoC Design , Analysis & Functional Verification of VLSI ASIC Design & Simulation of Electrical Circuits PCBs Electrical PCB Prototype Production

Design & Implement Cryptographic Algorithms , Randomness Testing For Cryptography , Cryptographic Key Management , Modeling & Simulation of Communication Systems (MatLab)

Design and prepare three-dimensional CAD models and components and spare parts for mechanical equipment. Simulate the movement and function of the mechanical parts and modify the design to achieve the best performance.