Science and Technology Center of Excellence is the main research center for military production aims to: Fulfills the needs of the armed forces for technical research. Developing engineering products for the factories and companies of the National Organization for Military Production to achieve better competitive and market value. Encouraging and developing the societal capacity to innovate and transform their creative ideas into an added value. Cooperating with research centers in universities, ministries and organizations to expand the knowledge base in the latest technologies and skills. Providing consultations and technical and economic feasibility studies for projects related to the center's fields of activity.
Chairman Word
The advancement of nations is measured by the amount of their scientific and research progress and the extent to which scientific research is linked to industrial sectors. Which, in turn, is reflected in the prosperity and economic growth of that nations. The Science and Technology Center of Excellence (STCE) has realized these facts and worked to consolidate them through selecting and training a broad base of distinguished engineers beside advanced laboratories and technological capabilities. STCE is the main research center for to the National Organization for Military Production. It is integrated with many military factories in various engineering disciplines, which gives it the ability to transform research ideas into real products and high quality solutions with as a result of linking scientific research with industry. STCE aims to make an impact in the various fields of technology-based systems by implementing innovations that that based on advanced thinking and digital technologies to provide effective solutions for our end-user and customers. We have a multidisciplinary skilled engineers ready to evaluate and solve the technological and industrial problems facing the different sectors and provide the required consultations and technical support for industrial sectors.
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